Premium Lubricants, Without Premium Prices
About Lubri-Loy

Since 1949, Lubri-Loy has offered end users and distributors the most technologically-advanced, highest-quality premium lubrication products at economical prices.

Equipment is expensive and your investment deserves to be protected. By properly lubricating equipment through the correct applications, you fight friction – resulting in overall lubricity and efficiency. This is our primary aim at Lubri-Loy.

Our products are designed for use under a variety of conditions – from adverse and extreme situations to very basic daily, ongoing maintenance. Lubri-Loy can lower operating costs, decrease lubrication cycles, maximize efficiency of equipment, and reduce maintenance downtime.

We use only premium, top-tier additives, base stocks and the most advanced methods to develop, blend, and manufacture each of our products.

International Headquarters
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United States of America

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